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The real challenge is not to invent but to implement.

How can successful innovations in healthcare delivery be replicated to increase worldwide access to quality healthcare while simultaneously making care more affordable?

The International Partnership for Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IPIHD) was formed to answer this question.

Shareholder Fellowship – working with Jacaranda Health

By:  Leigh Anne Good, Jill Croucher, and John Emami John Emami, Fuqua MBA ’14, spent this summer as an IPIHD fellow working with Jacaranda, an IPIHD innovator based in Nairobi that is building a network of private maternity clinics focused on providing patient-centered care.  While there, he worked alongside Merck employees who spent three m ...

Over the River and Through the Woods: Reaching Remote TB Patients

From the series Picturing Tuberculosis: Insights from the Field As a film intern with Operation ASHA, a community-based tuberculosi ...

9/2/14-9/5/14 - Social Capital Markets Conference 2014 (SOCAP). San Francisco, CA. Read more. IPIHD is attending!

9/21/14-9/24/14 - CGI Annual Meeting. New York, NY. Read more. IPIHD is attending!

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