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Keeping best pest removal company in the first place is the best way to avoid costly emergency pest control treatments. Preventative maintenance programs can detect and treat a small pest problem before it becomes an infestation, saving a building owner money in the long run.

Pest prevention involves removing the attractants that lure pests into an area: food, water and shelter. A few easy steps can help with this: Keep trash containers tightly sealed and clean up crumbs, trash and pet droppings. Make sure to inspect for and repair any gaps in the foundation, walls or roof and seal voids with caulk, steel wool and other appropriate materials. Keep bushes and grass trimmed, and don’t pile up wood or debris near your home or building.

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Routine pest maintenance also aims to correct environments that make a building more attractive to pests, such as moisture control and openings around doors and windows. These issues not only invite pests, but they cause premature wear and tear on a structure: Moisture soaking into walls and floors leads to mold growth and rot; openings let in cold air and warm air and lead to HVAC problems.

A professional will inspect and address pest problems and provide pest control options. These may include suppression, reducing pest numbers to an acceptable level; eradication, killing every last pest; or a combination of these approaches. Regardless of which approach is taken, a professional will seek to do as little harm as possible to the environment and property.

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