Whether you want an ADU to live in yourself or rent out, it’s important that the builder you choose is a licensed, insured and certified provider. This helps to avoid the nightmare scenario of buried utilities or improper connections that can damage your property. It also ensures that the project is managed properly and won’t run over budget.

How long does it take to build an ADU in California?

Fortunately, there are several prefab ADU builders in the Bay Area that can help you get started with your new backyard home. Here are a few to consider:

They’ve designed and built over two dozen ADUs in the Bay Area, earning them recognition for their high quality and environmentally sustainable design. Their most recent work includes a new one-bedroom ADU built to accommodate a disabled homeowner, a multi-family tiny home for renters, and an open-concept studio ADU for homeowners. More info

The company’s designs start at 400 square feet and can be customized to match your existing home. They also offer an array of services to make the permit process as simple as possible. California Modulars is a prefab ADU builder that offers both modular and stick-build options. Their modular designs are constructed offsite and then delivered to your backyard for assembly. This truncates the building timeline and minimizes site-related costs.

Veev is a full-service modular ADU builder that’s well-versed in local rules and regulations and the application and permitting process. They can help you find the right site for your backyard cottage and then assist with planning, design, and engineering. Their ADUs are fully customizable, with options for an attached or detached garage. They’re also equipped with smart home technology, allowing you to control your new ADU from your smartphone.