Appliance Stor Charlotte in Charlotte, NC

One of the most recognizable places in the Rochester area is the appliance stor Charlotte. Founded by Tony Agostinelli Sr. during the Depression, the store has been serving customers ever since. Originally located in the village of Charlotte, the store has a long history of satisfying its customers’ needs with quality products at affordable prices. Although the location has since changed, it retains the same name. This means that you can expect the same great service and value from this store.

Several appliance stores are located in Charlotte, NC, making it easy to find the right appliance for your home. These stores offer a variety of brands and discount prices. If you are looking to purchase a new appliance, a store that installs them is a good place to start. These stores also offer delivery services and can help you with any appliance problems. The prices are usually competitive with online retailers and you can often get a free estimate on the price before you buy it.