athletic fit polo shirts

A great polo shirt is an essential piece of athletic fit polo shirts – for anyone who wants to look sharp and feel comfortable while working or playing. Polo shirts can be made out of different fabrics that vary in their feel and durability. Some polo fabrics can be woven with moisture wicking materials to keep you dry and fresh throughout the day.

One of the most common polo fabrics is polyester, a strong and durable fabric that resists shrinking and creasing. It is also wrinkle resistant and will maintain its shape and texture, even after multiple washes. Polo shirts can be made out of 100% polyester or a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. The 50/50 blend has a smoother texture and is often used for more tailored polo shirts, as it provides a more fitted appearance while still having the comfort of cotton.

Athletic Fit Polo Shirts: The Perfect Fusion of Style and Performance

Whether you are a golfer, looking for casual wear, or in need of custom apparel for your team or work, we have a wide selection of athletic fit polo shirts. Our shirts are available in bright hues or sophisticated neutrals and long or short sleeves. You can also find a variety of customization options for your logo, such as screen printing or embroidery.

If you are an athlete, you will understand the challenge of finding well-fitting clothes that will show off your physique. Unfortunately, large brands tend to only produce polo shirts designed for older men who are either retiring or winding down their professional careers and are hitting the golf course 3 – 5 times a week. This negligence leaves younger guys who are in good physical shape trapped with baggy polo shirts that look like they were meant for their fathers and grandfathers.