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With marijuana becoming more and more legal in many states, many people are wondering if mushroom legalization is right around the corner. While the cultivation of psilocybe mushrooms is still illegal in most places, the purchase and consumption of these hallucinogenic drugs is not. This is why buying magic mushrooms online is a popular way to get your fix. Learn more

While many people use magic mushrooms recreationally, they are still a drug that has potentially dangerous effects. It is important to only consume mushrooms in a safe environment and to never combine them with any other drugs. Taking mushrooms with other substances can cause severe and possibly life-threatening side effects. It is also recommended to never use mushrooms by people on certain psychiatric medications because it can worsen their symptoms.

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As marijuana has become increasingly legalized in Canada, stores peddling psilocybin have sprung up across the country, and a growing number of people are buying magic mushrooms from these shops. The stores are easy to spot, with rainbow fungus paintings covering their storefronts and welcoming signs like “Walk into a new reality.” Despite these cheerful exteriors, the shops are operating in full violation of local and federal drug laws. They also face stiff competition from a gray market that is thriving thanks to looser state regulations and a lack of police enforcement.