A good quality Car Park Deck Coating in a car park can provide multiple benefits to the parking environment. Aside from providing a slip resistant finish that increases safety for drivers and pedestrians, these systems can also enhance light reflectivity, reduce noise pollution caused by tyre squeal, and help with the demarcation of parking bays and walkways.

Car parks are exposed to many harsh chemicals including oil, exhaust fumes, de-icing salts and water, which can corrode concrete slabs and deteriorate car park floor coatings. To combat this, a specialist car park deck waterproofing system is required to protect the floors from water penetration and to offer a robust anti-slip finish to reduce accidents.

Seal and Protect: The Power of Car Park Deck Coating

Since multi-storey car parks are often constructed on top of each other without a roof, the floor coatings must be able to withstand heavy vehicle impacts and constant vibration. Flowcrete’s specialist car park coating systems are able to flex with the structure, which ensures they withstand a high level of traffic. These systems are designed to be long-lasting, with abrasion resistance and UV protection to minimise the risk of premature degradation.

Because basement decks are often damp environments, it’s essential that the floor coating has a very high level of chemical resistance and durability. The system must be able to resist the aggressive attack of chlorides, salts and oils and also cope with the constant vibration from vehicles driving over the surface. To meet these requirements, Flowcrete’s basement deck coatings are made of polyurethane – a tough, resilient material that’s perfect for the rigours of a car park environment.