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Is Real Estate WordPress The Best Choice For Your Blogging Business?

Best Real Estate WordPress Themes. The most complete collection of top notch real estate WordPress themes that you’ll ever want to create your real estate portfolio and real estate website. All themes are fully searchable, according to Showcase IDX have Google Maps plug-in integration, powerful filtering and sorting tools, a user-friendly dashboard, and full support for WordPress users with the 5+ “anime” functions the theme comes with. With all these features and more, it’s no wonder that Real Estate WordPress Theme is among the favorites among real estate agents and investors. There are only a few other options available on the Internet right now, and Real Estate WordPress Theme is definitely one of them.

IDX Listings – Enabling Visitors to Search For Properties in Your Website

Live Preview: Since the plugin automatically creates landing and navigation layouts in the template, it has an in-built preview feature which you can utilize to check out the final product before making your purchase. It also allows you to change colors, theme colors, header, footer, etc… Instantly, when you want to. It has a multitude of short codes that you can use to customize your site. Furthermore, if you need any help with the live preview, just contact support, we’ll be glad to assist you.

Support: From the moment you purchase the Real Estate WordPress Theme, it will have a free support until the new version comes out. And when you are not satisfied with the product or the theme, you can always request a refund within 60 days of purchase. In addition to that, the theme must meet the minimum requirements of Google. Therefore, the theme must have an optimized library of images, flash objects, and the required JavaScript libraries in order to function properly and so you need an optimized, retina-friendly, high quality, and responsive design for your site.

Why Should You Join A SEO Community?

Alright, let’s cover a few benefits of being a part of a good SEO community. If you have looked through a bit, you can tell we are dedicated to becoming a flourishing Freelance / SEO Community where crowdsourcing can be used to answer any of the questions asked by members. We ask you to think, why should I join this particular community of SEO experts in Lahore or Freelance professionals across the world? – Let’s Go Over a few Things!


What should a community of SEO and Freelance Professionals Feature? (Feel free to leave a comment if more items should be considered for this list)


  1. a Forum! – Not just any forum either, you should check to see what the forum topics are, threads, and activity within. Any community without a forum where as a user, I can raise my voice, isn’t a community in my opinion.


  1. a Marketplace! – We feature two different marketplaces. The SEO Marketplace and a Freelancer Marketplace. The SEO Marketplace is a place where visitors may submit their personal or company website to a related category featuring a thumbnail, followed link, description, and company address for local listings.


The freelancer marketplace is located within our forums and allows our members who need help with a specific job to post that job in the “Find a Freelancer” section. Freelance professionals are than able to locate and contact the poster directly to be chosen as a possible candidate for the job. (GO FREELANCING!)


  1. Guest Posting or the Ability for Visitors to Submit Articles based on SEO or another Freelance field of work. – All guest posts or submitted SEO articles will be featured on home page. This is a great incentive for members as it gets their content out to interested visitors, and other websites that pull our feeds for online publishing. Brand AdvoKates also confirms the positive impact of Guest posting on real websites that generates traffic on monthly basis. Link farms disguised as guest posting websites would affect the ranking in the future as it is way too spammy to do now.


  1. Customized Services and Tools – Some companies provides some exceptional services to it’s Free and Pro members. Let’s go over the ones we have so far!

First, we provide Free DoFollow blogs lists. If you would like a list of sites that provide DoFollow links for your link building campaigns, you can simply request a niche or topic specific list within our forums.





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