Cheap cigarettes near me  vary widely across the country. The price of cigarettes is influenced by state-level excise taxes and manufacturer pricing policies. Local taxes such as those in New York City, Chicago and other cities are also factors. These local taxes can increase the price of a pack by as much as $3.00 per pack. Minimum wholesale and retail selling prices are established by law for cigarettes, and you may not sell a package of cigarettes at a price less than the minimum selling price set by the state. The prices shown in the chart below are for standard brands and a standard package (20 cigarettes per pack, 10 packs per carton). Prices are subject to change without notice as the result of manufacturer pricing or excise tax increases.

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In addition to state laws, there are a variety of voluntary actions that could significantly impact cigarette delivery sales. For example, the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK) has developed model legislative provisions that include requirements for age verification, disclosure, shipping, registration and reporting, purchaser penalties, and carrier penalties. Other voluntary actions, such as the agreement by major credit card companies and PayPal to stop processing payments for Internet cigarette merchants, have the potential to significantly disrupt cigarette delivery sales.

State laws regulating the sale of cigarettes via the Internet, mail order or telephone primarily focus on two issues: tax evasion and youth access. The majority of states with laws addressing these issues have passed laws restricting delivery sales to Internet and mail order vendors. These laws typically require age verification, discloser, and shipping requirements to ensure that the buyer is a legal adult. They also typically require that payment methods match the customer’s billing or government identification address.

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