Exclusive Metal Roofing

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Exclusive Metal Roofing is proud to offer high-quality residential metal roofs for both homes and businesses. They provide the ultimate defense against extreme weather conditions and also boost energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Variety – A Roof Like No Other

Today’s metal roofs are no longer limited to the corrugated tin barns of yore–they are made from steel, tin, aluminum, copper, and zinc in an unrivaled range of colors, finishes and shapes! With so many options, it can be overwhelming for a homeowner to decide on the right material for their roof.

Exclusive Metal Roofing: A Complete Guide for Homeowners

One of the main reasons homeowners choose metal over asphalt shingles is that they last longer. And, because of their heat-reflecting properties, they help to lower energy costs too.

Durability and Low Maintenance

The best metal roofs are designed to withstand severe storms and heavy snow. They are also strong enough to resist hail and falling branches.

Stainless Steel is another option that’s seriously durable, making it a great choice for those looking to add a splash of modern style to their home. This highly polished roofing material packs a big visual punch, and can add serious value to any property.

Slate is becoming increasingly popular for a similar reason–it’s incredibly attractive and has the potential to boost a home’s curb appeal. Unlike some other metal styles, slate is natural and comes in an array of colors and finishes to match almost any architectural style.