Commercial carpet cleaning are a major investment and it’s critical to care for them properly. Regular maintenance and professional cleaning extends their life which reduces the need to replace them. This translates into savings for the business owner. Vacuuming daily with a dual motor, upright canister or backpack style machine is a great start. Using a scrubbing brush, if needed, helps break up dry soil and pre-treats stain spots. Blotting liquid spills is also necessary to prevent them from soaking into the carpet. It’s important to choose a quality spot removal product and follow the instructions on the label. Stains are a lot easier to remove when they’re treated immediately.

Is carpet cleaner a disinfectant?

The type of business and the frequency of traffic determines how often carpet needs to be cleaned. A school or church with heavy traffic may need to clean the carpets every three to six months. Office buildings and other businesses that have high foot traffic need to schedule preventative carpet cleanings twice a year.

The best way to care for commercial carpet is to prevent stains and dirt from entering the building. A well-designed preventative maintenance program for the carpets in a commercial space includes vacuuming daily, spot cleaning and steam cleaning at least twice a year. Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, uses a powerful machine that sprays the carpet with hot water and then sucking up the embedded grime with it. After a thorough vacuuming, post-treatment chemicals such as protectors are applied to help keep the carpet cleaner longer and to prevent the need for deep cleaning.