Custom baseball helmet decals are a great way to display players and teams’ identities, as well as add color and style. They also help protect the players’ heads from injuries.

How are professional stickers made?

Helmet decals are often made of a thick vinyl and come with a laminate coating that helps them withstand harsh weather conditions and scratches. They are perfect for high school, college, and professional teams, as well as for recreational leagues.

They can be made of a single color, a pattern, or even an image, and they are easy to apply and remove. The process is a bit different for every product, but it’s usually the same: First, the color mixture must be applied evenly on the surface of the decal paper, and then the pattern or image must be placed on top of it. Next, the squeegee is used to apply the overglaze color mixture onto the pattern or image.

Once the overglaze color mixture is applied, a squeegee is used to flatten the top layer of the pattern or image. This ensures that the decal will adhere smoothly to the surface of the helmet, and it also prevents bubbles from forming during the installation process.

Once the squeegee is done, a layer of clear laminate is applied, which helps protect the decal from harsh weather conditions and scratching. The clear laminate also makes it easier to remove the decal when the team is ready for a new look.