check phone carrier

If you’re using SMS texting and auto-dialers to send campaigns, it is imperative that you check the phone carrier and line type of any number you enter. By doing so, you can improve your reach-rate and reduce costs.

How to Check a Phone Carrier

A cell IPQS phone number carrier lookup has an IMEI or MEID number that is unique to each device. This number is used by mobile carriers to track devices, which makes it easy to verify if your device is compatible with a new network or not.

IMEI numbers are also important to know if you’re considering switching carriers or selling your phone. Many phones are worth more if they’re unlocked and not locked to a single carrier.

The Power of Phone Number Intelligence: How IPQS Carrier Lookup Can Enhance Your Business Operations

Most iPhones come with an IMEI, which is a 15-digit number that is used by mobile carriers to track and identify devices. It’s also used to verify the make and model of a device.

Can I check my Android phone’s IMEI?

Most mobile devices run on either CDMA or GSM technology, and not all are compatible with all carriers. Often, these devices are sold on installment or leasing plans that require you to pay off the device before you can unlock it and use it with another carrier.

Is my phone carrier locked?

When you purchase a phone, you usually have to sign a contract with a particular carrier for two years. The problem with this is that it limits your options when it comes to deciding which carrier is the best fit for your needs. Instead of signing a two-year contract, you’re better off trying different carriers for a couple months before settling on one.