Investing is a crucial aspect of building your wealth and a financial adviser can provide a great service. They can help you choose the right investments, and provide action plans for maintaining your financial stability. They can also help you identify risks, and make wise money decisions.

How can I get free financial advice?

Most people look for financial advice when they have major life decisions to make. For example, if you are about to retire, you will need to find an investment that will provide a safe and secure return. If you are buying a home, your financial adviser can provide advice on which products are best for you. Read More :

Financial advisers also provide advice on mortgages and insurance products. Some advisers can offer a complete financial plan, while others can only offer advice on a few products. Financial advisers are often members of professional organisations, such as the Financial Advice New Zealand.

A financial adviser will usually charge a 1% Portfolio Service/Annual Adviser Fee. They also provide a comprehensive tax report annually. The adviser will also implement any changes to the investment portfolio that you have agreed upon. The fee is paid separately from your cash account.

Using the latest technology, National Capital provides a personalised service to clients all over New Zealand. They offer a wide range of services, including KiwiSaver advice. They use a socially responsible investment approach, and provide ongoing relationship management. The team at National Capital will help you make safe investments and get the most from your money.