The Long Jump Pit UK is an indoor playground that was built in 2021 by UK company Cricut. This is a fun way for young children to get exercise while learning about the sport of jumping. A jump pit contains a jump pad, which is used for jumping and landings. Other accessories include hurdles, baskets and nets, making it a complete unit. It is relatively inexpensive, compared to other sports equipment, but can be comparable in quality to better quality sports clubs.

Long Jump Pit UK

One thing that parents might like to consider is whether or not to allow the kids to take jumps off the pit. There are certain safety rules and guidelines that you must follow, such as age appropriate heights and distances. You don’t want to get the balance wrong and have your child fall off. You should also ensure that the pit is not located on soft surfaces. Otherwise, the durability of the pit will be affected.

Most of the Long Jump Pit UK stores sell similar equipment to that found in other country club sports stores. They can sometimes be cheaper, depending on where you shop. The main thing to keep in mind when purchasing is to buy equipment that fits your child well and that feels comfortable. You don’t necessarily need the biggest, fastest, strongest backyard play equipment out there; you can find quality kids jump pit gear that looks good and works well! You can find a wide range of different designs on the Internet or at local sports stores.