Opt For Fibre Optic Fibre Internet

If you’re looking for fast, blazing-fast Internet, you’ve probably considered FTG Internet Australia opting for fibre-optic internet. In comparison to cable connections, which take several steps to load a website, fibre-optic connections take a single click. And the best part? High-speed optic fibre connections cost much less than copper, which is subject to a range of environmental and economic factors. But before you make your decision, be sure to consider these pros and cons.

The backbone of the internet is a series of networks made up of light and electrical signals. This network carries everything from emails to video games, and is based on binary code, which is made up of ones and zeros. These bits are referred to as “bits” and are used to measure internet speeds. They are also used to measure digital storage capacity. Light pulses are translated into electrical signals and can travel up to sixty miles before their signal degrades.

Fiber internet is faster than cable or DSL because it uses light signals rather than electrical currents to transmit data. These cables can be installed straight to a home, or connected to a node outside. Because fiber-optic cables are buried underground, they can carry far more data than DSL or cable. And because of their high capacity, they are much less likely to be affected by electromagnetic interference, so you’ll experience fewer slowdowns.