Originally, many people who started max vape did so to help them quit smoking cigarettes. Unlike nicotine patches, which have been shown to be less effective than tobacco, the act of inhaling vapor has been proven to mimic some of the physical aspects of smoking and therefore be an aid to quitting the habit. This has been especially true for smokers who use a high-quality vape, rather than a cheap disposable e-cigarette. In one study, the higher cost of a quality device actually served to make smokers take their decision to quit smoking more seriously. Additionally, a good vape allows users the flexibility to experiment with liquids of varying nicotine concentrations, which is one of the best ways to gradually reduce a smoker’s dependence on nicotine.

Most e-liquids have at least a small amount of PG, which is an odorless and tasteless liquid that functions as the solvent for the other ingredients in the e-liquid. VG is syrupy and thicker than PG, which means it needs to be diluted to function properly in a vaping device.

Max Vape: Maximizing Your Vaping Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

The most obvious advantage of max vg vape is that it produces bigger clouds. This is particularly important for cloud chasers, but even for people who don’t care about large clouds, a max vg liquid can provide a more substantial mouthfeel than a PG-based liquid.

If you want to try out a max vape, consider the Suorin Air Bar MAX disposable. It’s pre-filled with 5.6ml of e-liquid and has a long-lasting built-in battery that provides approximately 2000 puffs. It also has a bottom-airflow control valve, so you can choose whether you prefer a tighter or airier draw.