edibles potency

Edibles are a popular method of enjoying the benefits of cannabis, but they can have serious consequences if consumers don’t understand how to properly dose. For instance, edibles can have a delayed effect and the potency of some cannabinoid concentrates is not always consistent across products.

The THC high produced by eating cannabis edibles potency can be different from smoking because the liver converts THC into a different type of molecule. This makes it more psychoactive.

Generally speaking, THC in edibles is absorbed by the digestive system, where it can take up to an hour before it’s metabolized and reaches the bloodstream. This makes it less likely for users to feel the effects within a matter of minutes after they consume an edible, but it can also mean that the high lasts longer.

Understanding Edible Potency: How to Dose Cannabis-Infused Treats for Your Desired Effect

How long an edible will last depends on a number of factors, including the individual’s metabolism and tolerance levels. A moderately experienced consumer that takes a 5 mg edible will typically have the highest effects at around 3 hours after ingestion, although this will vary from person to person.

Who it’s for

The most common use of THC is for pain relief, euphoria, and relaxation. For many people, a low dosage is adequate to achieve these effects without causing unwanted side effects. However, for those with high THC tolerances or a decreased GI absorption rate, higher doses may be necessary to get the desired effect.

Fortunately, the risk of overdose is relatively small. But some patients who have never tried edibles before may accidentally consume more THC than their bodies can handle, resulting in negative effects such as anxiety and nausea.