preschool caddens

One thing that all preschools have is a set of caddens. These are little chairs or tables that the children use as a place to sit, do arts and crafts, read, doodle, or wait for the bus. Some preschools have caddens all around the preschool, while others have just one cadden in a certain corner of the classroom. Regardless of how many caddens there are, they are usually placed in an area where it’s easy for the kids to get to them.

How to Choose The Best Function of Preschool Caddens

If you look at a picture of a typical preschool classroom, you’ll see that each child sits in a chair in the corner of a cadden with chalkboard chalk to write on, draw, color, or do any number of other activities. At the end of the day, all the children get to go to the caddy to put their things away, dig up their shovels to use, or to eat their lunch. It’s a great way for children to interact while spending some quality time with their parents.

While it’s important that a preschool caddens has plenty of toys and things for the children to play with, it’s also important that the cadden has enough space to let a child wait and be waited on. After all, the whole point of having a cadden is for your child to have her own space to do her own things while you’re busy doing things for her. If the cadden has too many chairs or things inside of it for her to move around easily, then it isn’t really serving its purpose. By placing a preschool cadden in the corner of the room, or on the hallway outside of the class, it helps the child feel more secure about having her own personal space.