Ute trays help you transport goods, whether it s livestock fruits, vegetables, fruits, livestock, construction supplies, bulk groceries, or even extended family come over for a simple family barbecue. They come in a variety of styles to fit your needs, from large commercial Ute’s for transporting large quantities of items, to individual trays for personal use. The trays are available as permanent fixtures on trucks, trailers and utility poles. Most have steel frames to provide protection from the elements, but some are available with plastic inserts that protect against the weather as well. When transporting items by trailer or truck, the Ute should be enclosed in a carrying case or container to keep items from getting wet or damaged by low temperatures or other inclement weather conditions.

How to Choose Ute Trays For Optimum Loading Capacity

ute trays

Most Ute trays, when mounted to a pickup truck, can be fitted with a ladder rack. This gives you access to the entire height of the Ute and makes it easy to get in and out of the truck. Some carry upwards of sixteen and a half feet of storage capacity, while others can hold anywhere from twelve to fifteen feet. The larger trucks usually have a larger storage capacity; however, smaller Utes with shorter length storage capacity can be purchased as well. The ladder rack attachment usually adds a cost, but it can make moving materials on the Ute much easier, because you don’t have to reach so far up into the truck.

Ute trays can also be painted to match your vehicle. Paint is easily applied using standard paint pens and drips easily. If you decide to repaint the vehicle, make sure to get the Ute a coat of primer before painting, because rust starts to build up under the primer and will affect the finish of the vehicle. The main benefits of painting over a rust free Ute is that the Ute will not rust further and you will not have to worry about rust forming under the paint. If you’re concerned about keeping the Ute looking good, you can spend slightly more on the Ute tray and it’s accessories and add protection pads to stop any damage occurring to the truck whilst it is being carried around.