We buy houses in Virginia and have them refurbished to sell quickly and at a higher profit. Most of our homes are older and the resale value has already been greatly reduced by the housing market. We refurbish the homes we buy to make them attractive, beautiful places that we can live in and love for years to come.


We buy houses in Virginia for many reasons. We love the state, the climate, the food (especially the seafood), the cities, the lack of traffic, the beach. Virginia is a wonderful place to buy a home. In addition, we don’t like to be cold or wet, so when we decide to move there, we like to be surrounded by nature and warm, dry weather. When a place has both of those things, it’s very appealing to people who want to live there permanently.


When we buy a house in Virginia, we work with a highly respected real estate agent who specializes in helping people purchase their ideal home. We look for homes in the surrounding area that meet our criteria. Once the realtor finds the property that meets our needs, he contacts the seller and helps her set up an open house. We tour the property with the realtor and when we feel comfortable, we sign an agreement and make the purchase.