The most common reason to consume marijuana is for the mood-altering and relaxing effects it offers. However, heavy use of the drug can cause anxiety and depression. Weed and Lean can interact with each other, but the exact nature of the interaction remains unclear. Here are some tips to ensure that you don’t mix the two substances.

What are the benefits of thc syrup?

Lean is often associated with Hip Hop and pop culture, and some companies are piggybacking on that popularity. At least one cannabis syrup manufacturer is putting “lean” in the product’s name, which suggests that it is intended for consumers who want to achieve the lean look and feel. Cannabis syrup is not necessarily a lean substitute, however.

The delta 8 thc syrup , made from cannabis, doesn’t have the same intoxicating effects as lean. In addition, it does not contain opiates or narcotics. While both marijuana and THC syrups are legal, it can be difficult to find commercially produced versions of these products. Some consumers may have to make their own, but the process isn’t difficult if you have the right ingredients.

Some cannabis syrups are marketed as a ‘cough medicine’ alternative. They contain THC and are flavored to mimic cough syrups. The idea behind these products is to relieve symptoms and replace codeine.