Saunas, steam baths, and steam rooms of varying types are all common throughout most cultures and countries. In the United States, however, the popularity of the hot tub has declined because of fears about germs and for the fear of dangerous electromagnetic radiation from power plants and air conditioning units. You might enjoy exploring and experimenting with various options, including Russian saunas. Many saunas use steaming water and rely on handheld steam whips, which you can use for yourself, or for your friend. Visit website to learn more about Saunas


There are several different kinds of saunas, including: traditional, Victorian, budget, Western, Japanese, and other. Traditional saunas are made from simple designs that are easy to assemble and use. They are not fancy but are rather effective at producing the amount of sweat that a person needs to sweat out toxins. A Victorian sauna is similar, but it has larger benches and is decorated more romantically than historically correct.


A budget sauna is much like a typical sauna in that it does not have the dry heat that is needed to produce sweating. Instead, it relies on heat from a dry heat source such as a fire, candles, or electric fans to produce the heat that is required. A Japanese sauna, on the other hand, relies on a dry heat filled with stones. It is this stone heat that produces the steam that soaks the user in its soothing hot water.