Digital outdoor advertising, or DOOH, is a type of marketing that uses technology to promote products and services in public spaces like on the streets and in high-traffic areas. It’s an important component of your overall marketing strategy because it increases brand visibility and allows you to reach a wider audience.

It’s a great way to get more traffic to your website or store, and you can even attract people from other regions who might have never considered your business before. Digital billboards are also a cost-effective option because you don’t have to pay for the printing and distribution of paper ads.

Embracing Digital Outdoor Advertising: Enhancing Engagement and Interaction

The biggest advantage of using digital billboards is that they can be updated instantly. This gives you the flexibility to react quickly to events or time-sensitive campaigns. It’s much easier to make changes on a screen than it is to print and physically change an entire sign in the field, which could take days.

With new, smarter digital billboards, you can incorporate intelligent data to make your content more relevant and engaging. One example of this is an anti-smoking campaign run by the Swedish ad agency Akestam Holst and the pharmaceutical chain Apotek. Their responsive billboards are equipped with smoke detectors that detect cigarette smoke, and when the sensors detect a puff of smoke, they display an image and video of a man coughing followed by an anti-smoking message and ads for products that can help quit smoking.